Prydo launches its Driver’s app – Now drive with pryde

Prydo is a fully homegrown transportation solution whose vision is to serve the people of this country by taking care of all your transportation needs with a personal human touch.  Prydo aims to transform the transportation industry by establishing themselves as a global transportation solution provider treating our driver-partners not as drivers but as partners. So Prydo releases its new Prydo Drivers app for a hassle free ride not only for the rider but also for the driver. 

Prydo proudly presents to you the brand new hassle-free cab service in Hyderabad. A Make in India initiative, Prydo lets you ryde with pryde. But what about the very tired drivers who hustle around all day and sometimes without a small break in between? Prydo thinks for them. Drivers, Prydo – for you. The all new Prydo Drivers app is now available on the app stores. The app lets you be the boss of your work and manage all your rides. It lets you handle the bookings efficiently and effortlessly. Now take charge of your engagements and ryde with Pryde.

With Prydo, drivers can work flexibly at comfortable timings & make good money. Now use the Prydo drivers app to accept or reject rides. Also, the app allows you to book your last ride of the day close to your home so that you can end your ride-day with a happy note. Prydo dedicates the app to its beloved drivers and calls it, the Driver’s app! Prydo has also partnered with Hawkeye, a Hyderabad initiative to an application to empower the public, improve their security and reach out to them at the time of distress. And Prydo has also partnered with women drivers to ensure a sense of security and safety for women riders. This could totally enhance the experience of woman riders and women drivers and allow them to ryde with pryde.

Drivers no longer have to make a million trips a day for a meagre amount of money. It is only a 10% commission for drivers with Prydo. Prydo believes that happy drivers make happy customers. It has got a very strong and dedicated team in place for support for the rides. Prydo is a cab service platform which has benefits like never before. With ultimate billing invoice transparency and a number of ways to choose your mode of payment from,  Prydo is on its way to stand all in the cab service domain. And oh! Prydo doesn’t believe in surge pricing. So you now ride around with normal fares.

And the fact that Prydo comes along from a legacy with a 12 year history, adds up to the weight of expectations regarding the quality of services it is encompassed of. So, It understands the problems and trends in transportation today and has researched accordingly and formulated a solution that could solve all of them.

With the increasing vehicles and traffic in Hyderabad, the cab fares are also seeing a peak like never before. Thanks to Prydo for being a saviour in such crucial times. So, Hey Hyderbad, Lets Prydo!