Prydo is a brand of Venkata Praneeth Technologies of Praneeth group whose many verticals include construction, manufacturing of building materials, corporate workspace management, education, and pharma. Prydo’s goal is to disrupt the transportation industry by establishing ourselves as a global transportation solution provider treating our driver-partners not as “drivers” but as “humans.”

Who are we?

Daily Commuters
Facing problems with existing cab aggregator services like frequent cancellations, booking delays, and safety mishaps and are looking for a change.

A Dynamic Team
Ranging from millennials with progressive ideas and dynamism, to veterans with the experience and expertise to build and run successful businesses

Driver Partners
Waiting for the opportunity to bridge the distance between commuters and their loved ones.

What is our vision?

Empowering our Driver Partners

By enabling them to
maximize their earning potential.

Removing Hassles

By solving the myriad of issues the current cab aggregators have and bridging existing gaps.

Fortifying Rider Safety

By ensuring our business is not conducted at the expense of public safety and convenience.

Prydo is different from other cab aggregators


We prioritize our customers’ and our drivers’ satisfaction over profit. We believe that happy drivers make happy customers!

Made In India

We are a Home-Grown product that has
done extensive research to make the best app for the local masses with a global touch!


We have done extensive research to identify the problems riders and drivers face today, and we intend to build a platform which overcomes them all.

We have carefully planned a fiscal model which allows

The users to pay less while getting state of the art cab service.

Our driver partners to earn more money and thus improve their quality of life.

Prydo to grow into a pan-Indian service and continually delight you with our dynamism and innovation.